Indian Terrain’s Dressing Guide For Skinny Guys

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Indian Terrain’s Dressing Guide For Skinny Guys

Your body shape is very important in describing the type of clothes one should wear. Body shape is very important to take into consideration when you shop for your clothes and one should buy accordingly because defying your body shape to wear something may make you look really silly. As an example, to make this point clearer some skin fit jeans do not look very nice on guys with a bulky makeover and in a similar way the people with leaner build do not look good in loose pants and it looks like they are wearing a sack.

When you are of a leaner build or in other words one can say you are skinny and you want to look a little bulkier then the very first advice you are going to get yourself is to join a gym and grow muscles. People will come up with many ideas like taking a body supplement, going on a diet of high carbs and fat, and you will find the advices of the sort. When we think about those advices we both know that although being good and genuine advices they will take time to bear the usual fruits not to mention that advices like taking body supplement may turn up to be really bad for health and it might lead to problems later in life. But the whole concept being the inability due to time in out daily lives and skinny people like me can’t go to a gym and blow off some steam to get to look bulkier because that takes time and immense effort, something that we do not have the luxury of during our daily lives. Thus the only one way that people like us turn towards are the illusion made by the clothes to give us a false impression of a bulky guy. The brands like the levi’s, duke, Indian terrain online offer many clothes which can help you with the scenario. The dressing tips for a skinny person to look a little bulkier is as follows:

  • The very first step is to avoid any clothes which make you look skinny and those include loose jeans, pants, jackets, shirts and any other piece of clothing. That is to leave your dressing regime until and unless you have regained weight, or you want to be made fun of as a skinny guy. It is not just the loose clothes you are to avid but also the skin fit clothes because they go on to a whole new level of expressing your skinny body shape thus, you should avoid those too. The clothes you wear should not be very loose or the skin hugging types, they should just flow freely over your body and assume the shape of the body you have making them to be the most appropriate
  • You should always wear one garment designed to give you a stronger look. These designed items give you an added advantage as other than being style statement they provide a bulk to that skinny body of yours. The category I’m taking into consideration id the jackets, suits and the blazers.
  • One better way during winters id to wear multiple layers. Not only that saves from the outside chill it also serves the purpose of making you bulkier.
  • When shopping out for clothes you should always opt for clothes that add on an illusion bulk to your body. Fabrics like tweed, khaki, khadi etc are those fabrics which give you some extra bulky look.
  • The one region where you can accessorize your clothes is your neck and it does help if you are wearing something of a designer collar or just wearing a scarf.
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