Keeping Dogs Entertained With Toys

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Keeping Dogs Entertained With Toys

If you have a dog at home, you need to have a few toys to keep your furry friend busy. You can get a few balls or a rope for him to play with, but there are a few other types of toys that are good for the health of the teeth and to enhance your dog’s cognitive skills. When you go to a pet store to find dog toys, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind so that you get the best ones for your pet.

Before you get toys for your dog, you need to inspect them to determine if they are the best option available. Small toys aren’t always the best option for a larger dog because they can easily be swallowed. Smaller dogs might have trouble biting on toys that are meant for larger dogs. Consider the size of your pet before getting toys and whether there are any loose pieces on the toys that can easily be chewed off. If you know that your dog tends to tear things up, then avoid getting toys that have stuffing in them and those that are made with string or yarn, such as rope toys.

Any balls that you get should be easy for your dog to carry and of the appropriate size so that your dog doesn’t inhale them while walking and playing. Plush toys can often provide comfort for your dog. However, think about how your dog might interact with a plush toy and whether you should upgrade to something that has more structure so that it won’t get destroyed right after the toy is purchased. If you have a dog that is gentle and enjoys relaxing instead of being playful, then plush toys are usually a better option. If your dog destroys a plush toy that has a squeaker or other objects inside, you need to pick up all of the pieces before your dog eats them.

Even though dogs like biting on bones, you should avoid rawhide bones as much as possible. The layers of the rawhide bone that are compacted can expand when they are introduced to the stomach. They can also soften and get lodged in the throat, making it hard for your dog to swallow or breathe. If your dog has a higher energy level, then find toys that are made of materials that are difficult to destroy. You can usually find balls and toys in fun shapes that are made of rubber, making it difficult for your dog to destroy his treats as easily as he would with a plush toy. A tennis ball is a good toy to consider, but when the outer layer is chewed through, it’s time to replace the ball with another one.

Dogs can sometimes get bored if they play with the same toys all the time. Fortunately, there are treat toys that will keep your dog active for at least a short time. Put a few treats inside the toy so that your dog has to work to get the treat out. You can also put peanut butter in the toy to make it a bit more challenging while your dog is enjoying the taste of the peanut butter.

Keep a basket to hold all of the toys that your dog plays with, rotating the toys every few days so that your dog has new items to enjoy. This will also lengthen the life of the toys that you have so that you don’t have to buy more each week. If you see that your dog has a favorite toy, then this can be left out as a comfort item for your dog.

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