The Changing Faces of Home Entertainment

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The Changing Faces of Home Entertainment

If we take a look at the past few decades, the home entertainment industry has come on in leaps and bounds, and the latest generation of home entertainment systems gives the homeowner an unprecedented level of freedom. Early home entertainment systems would have very large speakers to deliver high quality sound, and once they have been fixed in place, there they will stay, and while this gives you decent sound quality, modern home speakers are tiny in comparison, and with Bluetooth connectivity, you can say goodbye to that endless tangle of cables that always accompany the system.

Portable Solutions

Bluetooth allows you to physically move the speakers to a new location, and with JBL Bluetooth home speakers, you have the ideal solution. They even have attractive sound bars that are actually sub woofers, and this gives you all the bass power you need without the bulk, and with attractive shapes and colours, your speakers can easily blend in with the décor.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The only cables you would require for a modern home entertainment system are for power input, as all speakers would be Bluetooth connected, and that means no more speaker wires to hide. Having the ability to relocate any speaker, gives you the opportunity to create the perfect audio experience, regardless of where you are in the room, and the speakers deliver the best sound quality from a device no bigger than a six-pack.

Great for the Terrace Parties

All the system speakers can easily be relocated outside, giving you a full surround experience, without the hassles of connecting everything up, and if one of your guests has a playlist they’d like to share, their smartphone can easily access the system. Using the home entertainment speakers for outdoor events is nothing new, but it has never been this convenient, and don’t be fooled by the small size of these amazing speakers, as they can certainly deliver high volume sound with no distortion.

Comprehensive Coverage

You could always invest in several sets of indoor speakers, which can be distributed around the home, add with easy on off application, you can control where the music can be heard. You might, for example, want to work on restoring that sports car in the garage, so simply place one of the speakers on your workbench and you have the full sound of your home entertainment in your garage. Digital technology allows for crystal clear sound and a deep bass that is normally associated with a set of speakers that a person could sit inside. One can listen to four, high powered speakers with simultaneous playback, giving you a rich sound, regardless of the space, and for outdoor events, these tiny powerhouses are more than adequate to alarm the neighbours, if you so desired.

Modern home entertainment systems focus on delivering the best all round sound quality, and with Bluetooth connectivity, there is no limit to where you can listen to your favourite tracks. Online suppliers offer convenient purchasing, and with down to earth prices, it won’t break the bank.

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