The Many Faces of a Florist

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The Many Faces of a Florist

Mention the word “florist” to anyone and they will instantly conjure up images of flowing white satin wedding dresses and floral bouquets, yet the modern florist has many feathers in her cap. Of course, weddings would be the speciality, but there are many other occasions when flowers are an essential part of the proceedings, and with that in mind, here are a list of some of the events where you would expect to see floral arrangements.

  • Weddings – The obvious venue, a wedding would not be complete without tasteful bouquets and floral arrangements on the tables, and with a wedding florist in Brisbane, you can expect a tailored service. There would be several popular wedding flower packages in Brisbane – or any other Australian city, giving the bride a wide choice, and with a personal consultation prior to the big day, Brisbane wedding bouquets will make all the difference.
  • Cocktail Parties – Flowers brighten up any occasion and a cocktail party is one of those times when you simply must add a touch of colour and elegance. There are companies that offer tasteful table bouquets in Brisbane, and by talking to a supplier well in advance, you can select arrangements that add that much needed touch of glamour and elegance.
  • Corporate Events – Have you ever attended a corporate event that was flowerless? It is highly unlikely, as floral arrangements are always cleverly placed to highlight the speaker’s podium and the stage area, and with a nice table bouquet arrangement, the VIP guests will be suitably impressed. If ever image was important, a corporate event demands a nice selection of pinks and whites, which always adds that touch of class.
  • Charity Balls – These are occasions when we expect to see the generous side of the VIP guests, and this demands the very best in décor and service. The menu and the entertainment will reflect the importance of the event, and of course, flowers play an important role in creating a giving ambience. The event organiser would work very closely with the florist in order to ensure the best possible arrangements are well placed, and small bouquets for those who make donations is a nice touch.
  • Gala Dinners – These very formal affairs wouldn’t be the same without floral arrangements, and again, the florist would have a wide range of suitable packages for every event. The style would be similar to the corporate event in terms of floral displays, and any professional florist would insist on creating some mock flower arrangements, to ensure that the organiser is satisfied, and this is a time for some minor amendments.
  • Funeral Wreaths – While a funeral is certainly not a celebration, flowers are an integral part of the occasion, and most florists would have a range of wreaths that are suitable for a funeral, or failing that, they can create something unique.

The modern day florist would have a very busy schedule, what with meeting brides and event planners on a daily basis, so if you would like the very best attention, it pays to consult with your local florist as soon as you know the event is happening.


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