What is the history of denim jeans?

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What is the history of denim jeans?

Jeans, the clothing fashion that has evolved the whole fashion industry became a style statement that will last longer. Jeans was introduced in 1873 but the trend has become an integral part of everyone’s life with time and kept enhancing its appearance and style with time. Nowadays, their variety of jeans we see from ripped jeans to narrow jeans that are just essential for everyone’s wardrobe. For youth, there is no closet without jeans whether it’s a boy or girl. But, have you ever thought from where and how the jeans have originated and during all the years, how it managed to become an integral part of our say to day clothing from just a fashion trend.

When and who invented jeans?

In order to explain the jeans, these are just pants that are either made up denim or dungaree cloth. The inventor of the jeans Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss came up together in 1873 to create first ever jeans. Levi Strauss came back from Germany and get settled to New York to his family, where his brother has dry goods business in 1851.

Levi Strauss joined his brother business and expanded to San Francisco where Jacob Davis was a regular customer and retailer who built horse blankets tents and other stuff. Once he was asked to make a pant with high fatigue so he made one with denim and used copper revient to make them stronger at the places the pants rip the most.

After this Jacob thought to patent it and asked the Levi Strauss, they partnered to produce jeans at mass production by opening a factory immediately.

Why Jeans called ‘Jeans’?

The name of the jeans were given after the city of Genoa in Italy which is known for producing Cotton Corduroy and also known as jeans or Jeane there.

The Long Journey of the Jeans?

After Jacob and Levi invented the jeans it is only used to produce for the workers who needed some rough and tough pants during the labor. At that time the jeans have become a symbol of being a lower class or a labor. After this when time went forward the jeans were also considered as the symbol of disobedience against the traditional pant wears. Only men were using the jeans to wear and the jeans were also used to set a sex to differentiate parameter between the two genders. After Jeans became available to all the people across the globe in late 1800’ or early 1900’s the people started using it more frequently. Initially, the children were the first to take the attempt at trying a new trend. As time goes girls, women, men everyone became a fan of denim pants and its casual unbeatable look. By this time the youth has already accepted the jeans as prime part of the attire.

The jeans available now?

Right now jeans are considered as an essential clothing and almost every one of us owned a pair of them. Over the time the jeans have gone through many experiments and still experiencing continuous evolution. There rugged jeans, bellbottom or carrot jeans, narrow jeans, skinny jeans and high waist.


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