12 Memorial Picture Frames To Choose From To Remember Loved Ones Who Passed On

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12 Memorial Picture Frames To Choose From To Remember Loved Ones Who Passed On

memorial picture frames are perfect to keep the memories of a loved one alive after they have passed away. These personalized frames with their picture can add warmth to a person’s heart when they see it displayed. Small memorial trinkets like these frames from Remember Me Gifts can make a big difference for a grieving person:

1 – A Father’s Goodbye

The loss of a father can be traumatizing and heartbreaking to a child. Having a memorial frame with a special message from their father along with their picture together will bring a lot of comfort during those sad days.

2 – “Together Again”

This wooden frame contains a special dedication reassuring living relatives that although the person is no longer physically present, they are always with them and will be reunited in heaven one day.

3 – “Beside Us”

A personalized glass frame that holds a special message that the person who has passed is missed and always remembered although they are no longer with the family.

4 – Mother’s Love

These memorial picture frames ensure that a mother’s love and life will never be forgotten, no matter how long time has passed.

5 – “My Hero Forever”

A memorial frame dedicated to the loss of a father who in the eyes of his children was and will always be their hero.

6 – “Tears”

The Tears frame is perfect for a sentimental photo of a dearly beloved who has passed on. It shares a beautiful poem full of emotions and love, perfect for someone who is missing a special person that is no longer with them.

7 – The Broken Chain

The beautiful poem “The Broken Chain” is written on this frame to provide comfort as families remember those they have loved and lost. It is a touching reminder that although the chain was broken, it will be repaired in heaven.

8 – Mother’s Goodbye

It is hard to let go of a loving mother, but their memory and goodbye will forever be remembered in this personalized memorial frame.

9 – “Forever & Always Sister”

Losing a sister is much like losing a limb. You will always feel it and be sad when you are reminded, but a dedicated memorial frame will ensure her memory always stays in your heart.

10 – Living Without You

A painful but truthful quote on an engraved wooden frame with angel wings is reassuring to see in times of loneliness and sadness.

11 – Memories Of Brother

The loss of a loving brother is hard, but his memories shall forever be treasured in this personalized frame.

12 – Message To Heaven

A touching message sent to the loved one who is now in heaven on a frame so that every time it is read, it is like sending a prayer to them as they watch over the family from above.

Whether giving the memorial frame as a gift or as your own remembrance, it is a great way to remember someone’s life after they have passed on.

Remember Me Gifts has a wide array of elegant memorial picture frames that you can display at home or at your office to honor loved ones who have passed on. They’re also a good choice if you want to show sympathy to a grieving friend or family.

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