4 Amazing Alternative Gifts to Give to Your Friends

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4 Amazing Alternative Gifts to Give to Your Friends

There’s nothing harder than trying to find the perfect gift for a dear friend. We are not talking about a neighbour or work colleague, rather someone who holds a special place in our heart. It goes deeper than the social act of giving, as we want the recipient to derive a lot of pleasure from our gift. Fortunately, modern technology keeps bringing us innovative gadgets that enhance modern lifestyles, so if you are hunting for that special gift, here are a few ideas.

  1. Barbeque and grill set

With the focus on practical use, a barbeque and grill set is the ideal gift for that family person who likes to entertain. Here is a state-of-the-art smoker and grill unit, guaranteed to please anyone. The real pleasure of receiving a gift, comes from how useful it is, reminding us of how thoughtful our dear friends are.

  1. Food vouchers

One really thoughtful idea is the gift of takeaway food vouchers, which provide the essential sustenance whenever we go to a movie, or on a shopping spree. Your friends will be thankful when they realise the meal is on you! Just before the big football game, why not call up your local pizza delivery company, and use some of those vouchers your friend so kindly gave you on your birthday. If you know your friends are partial to a late night pizza, what better present than an online voucher giftset, which allows a person to order anytime of day or night. People tend to appreciate gifts that take away the inconvenience of life, and there’s no better way to say “thank you” than a takeaway food voucher gift.

  1. A Smartphone

Prices are falling as technology becomes more and more accessible, so a smartphone update is on everyone’s mind. Make sure you take a sneak look at their current make and model, then look for a newer version, so all their data can be easily transferred. Not only that, you are buying their favourite brand, so your gift will not be forgotten.

  1. Pillow remote control

A unique conception, and ideal for the couch potato, as one can simply press designated areas of the pillow, to change channels, or adjust the volume. Some guys might think that this gift is a way of saying “get up and do something”, but we all like to sit and veg for a while, and this novel remote is an ideal gift for the TV addict. For the ultimate in stress-free channel hopping, click here, and surprise your partner. With all the usual TV remote functions clearly printed on the velour fabric, one can easily find the required command, without ever having to ask where the remote is!

There are many more novel gifts available online, if the above selection wasn’t what you had in mind. The important thing is to find something that is both useful and brings enjoyment to the recipient, and the Internet has made it easier to source such products.

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