5 Ways to Use Promotional Gifts and How They Can Help You Improve Sales

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5 Ways to Use Promotional Gifts and How They Can Help You Improve Sales

Can pens, T-shirts, and cups be more effective in advertising than television, radio or the printed press?

The short answer is yes! In this article, we evaluated 5 ways to use promotional gifts to grow your business and their benefits, at a lower cost than traditional ATL (Above the Line) advertising.

  1. Promotional gifts as free gifts

The most obvious and common way to use promotional merchandise or gifts is basically to give them to potential customers, as a way to advertise your business to them. The idea is that these people use these advertising objects as often as possible in order to maximise the visibility of the brand among a larger audience, so they have a constant memory of your business!

If you look around your house or office, you will find many objects that bear the name of a company printed on them, it might be a pen, a calculator, a notebook or even a personalised USB memory.

  1. Promotional gifts as a gift to your employees

Occasionally workers who work hard for the company need some incentive to feel valued and stay motivated, right? Instead of giving them something totally disconnected from your business, why not offer something that they will appreciate but with the company logo marked on it.

Every time that they use the item they will feel valued and it creates a special relationship with the brand of the company. In this case, executive gifts are what have the most impact on employees, high-quality pens, leather or crystal products, etc.

It is best to know the employee(s) and give a promotional gift with the logo of the company according to their tastes or needs.

  1. Personalised gifts in the work environment

Companies always try to maintain a 360-degree brand image, that is to say, all marketing actions have to present the brand in the same way, emailing campaigns, brochures, catalogues, etc. but sometimes the office itself remains out of this strategy.

The company surely has a fantastic office, probably full of office supplies, brochures, folders, promotional objects, but if none of these have the brand itself, that is a flaw in the 360-​strategy; the company has to breathe brand image!

Maintaining the company culture will be much easier if you work with promotional or desktop material that has the company logo marked on it.

Everything from staplers, notepads, pens to calculators, custom USB memories, has the potential to be branded. Even having personalised tea or coffee cups in the canteen of the company is essential to create a brand image during meals or breaks.

  1. Promotional gift as a business card

The typical business card is a tool that has been tried and tested; essential contact data is transmitted between people. However, the business card does not have to be a piece of thin printed cardboard.

It could be for example a promotional gift, which is given to the client after a meeting and which includes the contact details. It could be a pen, an anti-stress ball and there are even USB memories in the form of personalised credit cards with contact information. There are many other objects that can be customised with contact data, just use your imagination.

Make it something unique and memorable that differentiates you from the competition, something that will be kept on the client’s desk.

  1. The promotional gift as part of a guerrilla marketing action

If you know something about guerrilla marketing, you will know that these are low-cost marketing actions that try to have maximum impact on a broad audience that is well defined. Using promotional gifts, you can personalise them to create something unique that has a fun and viral impact.

You can use mobile phone cases with a fun design, plastic bags with unique customisation that attract attention. Or even something as simple as personalised stickers that can be attached to your client’s orders/products. But apart from entertaining, and being visible, they also transmit your brand. The possibilities are endless!

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