7 Hacks To Get The Right Size Of Clothes When Shopping Online

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7 Hacks To Get The Right Size Of Clothes When Shopping Online

So you’ve heard your favorite clothing brand is having a sale with a partnering online discount store. You rush to their site, and luckily enough, you’ve got to score some shirts and denim pants. But upon delivery, you are faced with that online shopping nightmare everybody wants to avoid — your clothes are not the right fit.

When you’re buying clothes online, one of the tricks you need to master is ordering one that actually fits your size. How can this be done? Follow these seven important hacks!

Get your right measurement

When did you last take your body’s measurement? Did you gain or lose weight? To be safe, you need to properly measure your body before you add any type of clothing to your online shopping cart. Write your updated statistics down or save them as a note on your phone so you can go over these data whenever you need them.

Double check the size chart or specifications

It is common knowledge for online consumers to know that stores often indicate clothing sizes in different types of measurement — there’s the US number, the UK number, and the EU number. Others indicate sizes in centimeters or inches. Double check these figures on the store’s size chart or on the product’s size specifications.

Look into customer reviews

Want to get more confident about the size of the clothing you wish to buy? You can find golden answers in the customer reviews section of a discount store. Read about what people have to say and consider their opinions (e.g., the actual size is smaller than what’s indicated on the site).

Create a cheat sheet for the sizes of different brands

If you want are brand-conscious when it comes to shopping for your clothing needs, you might want to initially create a cheat sheet for the sizes of the brands you patronize. You can also tailor-fit this sheet to your updated body measurement so you’d immediately know what size to look for when shopping online.

Buy clothing brands you regularly wear

Ever heard of the saying better safe than sorry? Well, to a certain degree, this also applies when it comes to buying clothes via an e-commerce discount store. If you want to play safe, buy only the clothing brands you’ve been regularly wearing for some time now. This way, you can be more familiar with the size of their products.

Try using measurement-matching sites or apps

Another way to avoid shopping for clothes with inappropriate sizes is using measurement-matching websites or apps. Thanks to technology, such portals have been developed to make it easier for consumers to find the right brand-specific clothing for their size — all you need is an accurate body measurement.

Not all types of clothing can be bought online

Shopping for a sheath dress or a pencil skirt? It’s more advisable to have such clothing be bought in an actual store, where you can try wearing them and see if they really fit your size. Keep in mind that clothes like these — those the heavily depend on exact measurements — cannot be simply and conveniently bought online.

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