A complete guide for Air Coolers: Must Know Advantages

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A complete guide for Air Coolers: Must Know Advantages

Air Coolers are cooling appliances that completely fit in between a ceiling fan and an air conditioner. Ceiling Fans are not as powerful a device when it comes to cooling, they don’t bring down the temperature of the room they just spread the cool air around the room making you feel comfortable. And air conditioners are not everybody’s cup of tea due to the high prices they are offered at. In a country like India having a majority of middle class population finding a mid-way solution is the need of the hour and that solution has to be an Air Cooler. Air coolers stand perfectly between the two in terms of cooling, designs and affordability. If you are striving to get away with this scorching heat this summer and have a restricted budget then the best option for you is to place your hands on an Air Cooler.

You can compare air cooler price in India with the help of various online price comparison website and get the best air cooler at the lowest price of air coolers in India.

Before you make up your mind about purchasing a cooler we would like to unpack some of the must know advantagesin order to land you at a better position to take your decision.

Advantages of owning an Air Cooler


As discussed above, we would like to shed some more light on the affordability aspect of an Air Cooler. If you look closely then you will find out that a good enough ceiling fan costs about Rs.3000 and the lowest price at which an air conditioner is offered is Rs.20000. Spending in both of them is a sheer waste of money as a fan worth Rs.3000 is quite an expensive deal as no real cooling benefits will reap out of it and an air conditioner offered at the lowest price will for sure lack a lot of functions and will be low in quality as a result of which it will not work in an optimal condition for long. Whereas you can place your hands on a good quality air cooler in approximately about Rs.5000 which quite a steal deal as you get the best deal and the maximum cooling.

Low maintenance cost

Air coolers unlike air conditioners are much simpler devices which can be easily understood and well maintained by a person who is no expert in this field. If your air conditioner stops working or starts having any kind of problem then you have no option other than calling an expert at your rescue which means that you have to shed extra money in its maintenance. Air conditioners also require cleaning every season which also requires professionals which means shedding of some more money. However this not the case with an air cooler, air coolers are much simpler designs which can be easily cleaned as well as fixed by a layman itself requiring no professional help unless and until there is a major issue.


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