Buyer’s Guide to the Perfect French Press

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Buyer’s Guide to the Perfect French Press

French press or coffee press might be around long before you were born. Although it’s basically a classic and simple type of brewing device, it’s becoming more popular these days because it makes rich, fully-flavored cups of coffee. If you think of buying a large french press maker, then it’s a wise idea to read further.

Major Components of French Press

The modern innovations of french press may have several parts but these three components are the most basic things to know when you’re looking for the right french press brewing device:

  1. Carafe – this part contains the water and coffee in the brewing process and has a small hole or spout use to pour the freshly brewed coffee out from it. It may appear in three different kinds of materials namely plastic, tempered glass, and stainless steel.

Plastic carafes – are great for coffee drinkers who love outdoor activities such as camping for it doesn’t break easily. But since these are made out of plastic materials, many people fear the negative health effects of the chemical BPA found in most plastic products. Nonetheless, a number of modern plastics these days are manufactured BPA-free making french press with plastic carafe a good choice for coffee drinkers.

Tempered glass carafes – a material of choice for people who loves drinking french press coffee in offices and homes because of its aesthetic features. However, this may not be suitable as a travel buddy because it’s made out of easy breakable material.

Stainless steel carafes – like the tempered glass, this material is equally beautiful and doesn’t interfere with the coffee brewing process. But since this is opaque, you’ll never get the chance to see the brewed coffee with it until you pour it into your cup.

  1. Lid – simply, the piece that covers the top area of the carafes and prevents heat from escaping when brewing.
  2. Plunger set – this would include the handle, the plunger, and the filter to help push down the ground coffee bean to the floor of the carafe making way to the fully-flavored french press coffee.

Quick Buying Suggestions

Buy the Best Brand

The popularity of using the amazing french press coffee makeris on the rise causing different coffee brewing device manufacturers to sprout everywhere. This leads people in confusion to which items are really considered the perfect buy. Just to be safe, it’s suggested to stick to makers known for producinghigh quality brewing devices. In this way, you can guarantee durability and top quality coffee output based on the manufacturer’s good track record.

Buy the Most Functional Model

It is important to determine the type of activities that you often do when selecting an amazing french press coffee maker. If you’re a coffee drinker who travels a lot, then the most compact, plastic, BPA-free french press might suit you well. And if you want to have your coffee at the comfort of your home, probably the glass type or stainless steel french press design will work best.

Summing Up

The french coffee maker is a great device to brew a rich, tasty coffee. If you need to purchase one, it’s good to know the functions of the most basic parts. Moreover, choosing the best brand and the most functional french press versions are very clever things to do.

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