Buying Roses Online For A Roof Top Garden

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Buying Roses Online For A Roof Top Garden

Gardens have always been a classic hit amongst the masses since the prehistoric era but in the current scenario, shortage of space and high cost of property does not allow an individual to own a garden outside his house. Once in a while, we always come across people who share the same dream of owning a roof garden (the cheapest and the most effective way of making a garden dream come true). However, if you have not been able to achieve this dream but they have, the pain seizes to subside. It is for you to know that meeting the expenses for a garden is a onetime affair after which, regular maintenance is the key to keeping it healthy and beautiful.

Depending upon the size of the roof and the kind of design you would want to implement, a number of materials ranging from flower pots to stands may be needed. Nets and lights are other particulars that may need attention for beautification purposes. There are two good points about these, first – They would not need any maintenance and second – once bought, they stay for a long time. The only hurdle is the flowers that would have to be bought.

One characteristic thing about humans is that they have different opinions about everything and roses too have not been spared. There is a good chance that two people would not want to buy the same flower to decorate their roof tops. Unfortunately, many a times it is seen that the desired flower is not available in the local market. Should a compromise be made by installing another flower instead? For those who do know the way out would not while for those who do not, the answer is buying roses online. This is considered to be by far, the best mode of buying the right flower for the right occasion without having to compromise of quality, quantity and price.

Local florist shops would never be able to meet the capabilities of the online vendors mainly because of two reasons.

a) The locals store flowers in their stores while the online vendors buy them fresh from the cultivators post order placement. This creates a huge difference in quality of the roses delivered with the online vendors far outrunning the local ones.

b) Local stores have overhead charges like rent of the shop, bills, payroll of staff etc. to meet which automatically get reflected in the cost of flowers while the online vendors are spared from these leading to cheaper prices.

The only disadvantage with buying roses online is that the seller would demand a 4 – 5 days for delivery whereas the locals would be able to deliver them on the spot (subject to availability of the demanded quantity which is seldom met). This however should not be a limiting factor because it is better to wait for a week and install fresh roses than to buy older ones, after all, it’s not every day that one starts to make a garden on his roof!

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