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Choose your desirable colored diamond

Diamond is the most desirable stone which comes in different colures. You can buy some fancy tiffany yellow, brown, black, green etc. colored diamond jewelry. The color of the diamond depends on its chemical composition. It adds some modern touch and uniqueness to your personality when you pair it with your designer dress. Basically, diamond is used for the jewelry but it can be used for other purposes as well like manufacturing the diamond windows, heat sinks, low fraction micro bearings etc. As it is very hard, it is also used to manufacture the saw blades, drill bits and grinding wheel for the cutting purpose.

What are the reasons of yellow color in the diamond?

If you want to add some uniqueness in diamond jewelry collection then you can buy yellow diamond jewelry. You can look for the different yellow color varieties like deep yellow, vivid yellow, fancy yellow, fancy light yellow etc. The main reason of the yellow color in the diamond is the presence of the nitrogen. You can use the alphabetic scale to determine the right color of the diamond.

What are the different quality factors of the diamond?

Colors – the value of the diamond depends on the color of the diamond. If you buy a fancy yellow diamond then the hue is the most considerable factor. This kind of diamond is complex and specialized so it requires highly trained graders to complete the process of diamond cutting in proper shape.

Clarity – the most dominant factor in the diamond is color. Generally, diamond shows its color due to reflection of the light and chemical composition of the diamond. Clarity plays an important role in showing the grading of the diamond on the grading scale.  There are some diamonds which are colorless and cannot easily be seen by the naked eyes.

Cuts – it is important to give a beautiful and appropriate shape to the diamond. The right cut can also influence the color of the diamond. The facet of the diamond can be cut by the good graders for giving different kinds of designs which increases the market value of the diamond. Grader sets the cutter on the specific value to maximize the beauty of the diamond.

Caret weight – the diamonds are sold by carats. The value of the diamond also depends on the caret weight. The small diamonds are cheap because they show less carat weight. The fancy colored diamond is more expensive and of high carat value than the small ones.

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