Difference Between Bespoke And Made-To-Measure Dresses

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Difference Between Bespoke And Made-To-Measure Dresses

Everybody loves for his or her belongings to be personalised and unique to his or her own preferences, which is an even more emphasised desire when it comes to the fashion industry. Fashion is always changing, with new trends arising every day, so the demand for unique style will never go away. Typically, custom pieces are often associated with celebrities or large amounts of money; however, you have access to this service that you likely never even knew existed.

Ordering Bespoke Dresses

Luckily, you have the ability to hire an experienced bespoke dress designer in Birmingham who can bring the world of couture celebrity custom fashion right to your own closet. Bespoke refers to any product that is made to order, which, in this case, describes custom dresses and other fashion pieces. Ordering a bespoke dress is great for a number of reasons.

  • Get a dress that is custom fitted to your body size and measurements.
  • The dress will be designed with your personal style in mind.
  • Nobody else will have a dress exactly the same as it because it was made just for you!

What Is Made-to-Measure?

Made-to-measure services are often confused with bespoke fashion services, although the two are somewhat similar. Made-to-measure clothing pieces are technically made to order for the customer but they are based on predesigned patterns that are typically not edited much for each customer. Because of this, you’re not ending up with a completely custom piece. Instead, you just end up with a slightly unique piece that is fitted to your body measurements. Bespoke pieces add that extra layer of originality and rarity.

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