Differences between Electric and Gas Water Heating

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Differences between Electric and Gas Water Heating

When we compare fuel-fired and electric water heating, we can say that electric heating is the way better solution in almost any situation. Of course, it has some disadvantages such as higher operating costs when compared with gas water heating and the lesser flow rate.

On the other hand, some services will provide you appropriate water heater in Houston.Some people enjoy more in heating water by using gas-heating principles. We wanted to present you the differences and advantages of both systems so that you can determine which one is the best for your needs:


When it comes to the overall cost of heating water, if you use the gas-fired water heater such as fuel oil or liquid propane, you will spend more money than using an electric heater. You should have in mind that costs differ based on the efficiency of the water heater and flow rate that you need for the space you want to install it.

For properly heating water, you will have a few expenditures such as buying, installing and operating the heating system. After installation, you will need to pay for demand cost and heating energy. Electric water heaters use less energy over fuel systems. When comparing the overall costs, the electric is more efficient on a long run.

Fuel water heaters are also prone to safety hazards that could cause severe inconveniences within your home. That is why most people decide to go for an electric alternative.


When it comes to safety, fuel-fired water heaters contain combustible vapors and may become a potential safety hazard. The most common examples are basements, garages, and storage rooms where you have gasoline, cleaning fluids and paints.

These vapors are flammable,and they are much heavier than air, which means that you will find it on the floor. The water heater will create ignition through burners and cause vapors to burn and explode.

On the other hand, electric water heaters are way safer solutions when compared with fuel ones. They don’t create combustible vapors in the process of heating water.

Air Quality

When you’re using fuel water heaters, you should install it in a space where there are a lesser chance that combustion products will affect the people who live inside.

The combustions could damage and even block the flue, which is the main cause of the severe damages that could happen afterward.

At the same time, exhaust fans and pressure differentials could affect the overall air quality inside your home and provide you even more health issues that could happen.

For more information on combustions that could happen in household, check here.

Disadvantages Of Electric Water Heaters:

You’ve probably noticed that we praised the article electric water heaters, but they also have disadvantages that you should have in mind before you make a purchase:

  • Expensive In A Long Run – Even though the installation is much more affordable than installing a gas water heater, in the long run, it could be more expensive. The main reason for that is because electricity is more expensive than gas. You will save the costs for installation, but you will get higher energy bills.
  • Long Recovery Time – Recovery time for electric water heaters are longer than gas alternative. When you use the full capacity, it will take some time to fill it up with hot water again. Therefore, if you run out of the hot water during the bath, you will have to wait at least for an hour to get the right amount of hot water.
  • Cannot Use It Without Electricity – The saddest thing about electric water heaters is that they completely rely on electricity to work properly. Therefore, if you experience a power cut, you will have to shower with cold water. It is simple as that.

Disadvantages Of Fuel Water Heater

  • Expensive and Complex Installation – Using gas water heater will lower your energy bills, but the initial costs are more significant than using electric water heater. At the same time, they are quite difficult to install, because you will need proper ventilation system as well as convenient You will also need to maintain it occasionally so that you can use it all the way.

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