Differences Between Schools On Prom Dresses And Traditions

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Differences Between Schools On Prom Dresses And Traditions

Prom is an event that is celebrated during spirit week in high school and one of the most favorite times of any academic year with several activities that lead to dancing outdoors or inside the gym. In some schools, prom can be a little bit different; it can be twice the people and twice the fun.

The idea behind Prom remains the same, it’s the season when former alumni “come back home” but with aspects that change and in JVN we are going to tell you how:

1.- The Parade Is A Major Feature

In high school parades sometimes can be a little boring and no one never pays enough attention to it, some towns don´t celebrate prom. In different institutions, parades are full of students, former alumni, teachers, and members of the community who gather and support the ceremony since an early time in the morning, and it can be overwhelming the number of people you will see.

2.- Prom Football Games Are Much More Important Events

In Highschool football games are important, but there are schools is when things get serious as the stakes are higher, the fanatism is bigger and especially in prom game you can consider it the most important game of the year (besides finals), you will see schools’ colors everywhere, mayor entertainment, food, and is when previous students get back on the field. You will surely remember this game and attend one as you come back anytime soon with your friends.

3.- Everyone Loves To Come Back Home

Proms in high school have few people that come back to school at the prom game, but when you go to private school for example, the number of people that come back has no comparison to your former school. You will see so many people that loved the campus, brothers who get reunited in the same court street, girls getting to reunite to talk about the dance and their JVN prom dresses. You will see so much joy in the air; you will feel that depending on the school, you attend will always feel like home.

4.- Prom King & Queen Still Happen

Choosing prom king and a queen is a tradition that schools maintain but with less political systems that are common in high school. In high school, kids take it very seriously to become king and queen with so many events and campaigning where the competition is driven to extreme measures. In some schools, people don´t make a big fuzz about it, but the crowning stills happen, it´s a popularity contest as usual.

5.- Prom Is Celebrated Suiting The School’s Budget

When you are in high school, there is so many money raising initiatives and money gets spent so many, from the prom dresses (you can go to the nearest store that has the latest JVN prom dresses collection), flowers, nail and hair appointments, dance tickets, transport among others is so easy to burn cash in no time. At some schools, mostly everything is provided by the directive; you have to attend to it, with just presenting your ID, games, food and other activities don´t cost that much, some are free, every student’s dream.

6. Creating Beautiful Memories In Prom Week

Prom events will be one week you will remember no matter your current academic level, you will build and cherish the loveliest memories with your friends. Prom is that time of the year to come back home and to look back on what others and yourself have accomplished among these years, so be sure to enjoy it.


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