DIY Bedroom Design Ideas

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DIY Bedroom Design Ideas

Although not everyone will see your bedroom, it’s still important for it to look nice and go with the rest of the interior design in the house. If you like the idea of designing your home based on modern design elements, then you should always be on the lookout for new design ideas. People usually neglect their bedrooms when it comes to design and often focus on other areas of the house, such as the kitchen and the sitting rooms. However, if you have guests over and want to give them a tour of the house, you should make sure that your bedroom looks presentable as well.

If you’re looking for great new ideas on how to design your bedroom, you should know about the kinds of design elements that are popular right now so you can look into getting something similar and stay trendy in home design.

Antique Is In

Although a few years ago modern and modular looking cabinets, tables, chairs, and even lighting were extremely popular, a new style has entered modern design. You might be surprised to realise that there’s a new take on antique. It’s a little bit different than the antique waves of the past. It usually involves a restoration process, often repainting or refurnishing the pieces of furniture to make them appear both very old and very new at the same time. You can find pictures online that showcase this style.

Some common pieces found in this style are chandeliers, cabinets, picture frames, and headboards. With the chandeliers, repainting an old candlestick chandelier white with chipped areas is a great way to accent some of your older pieces. The picture frames can be ornate and intricate if you want, and a new paint job can give them a modern aesthetic. For instance, if you paint a picture frame an uncharacteristic colour such as orange or off-white, it gives the antique look a modern flair.

For cabinets, the distressed look is extremely popular. For instance, you could buy a black chest of drawers in the UK and distress it yourself, making it look worn and old. If you contrast it with new shiny pieces such as chrome silver candlesticks, it’ll give it the nice modern look that’s really popular right now.

Try Pre-Restored Pieces

If you’re not yet confident in your design skills, a way to ensure that you get something great is to buy an old piece of furniture that’s been painted and restored (or distressed) by professional interior designers who always know the look. If you buy a few different pieces from one place, you can look for matching pieces at other places.

One of the best ways to shop for these kinds of pieces is online. There are so many different options to choose from that there will surely be something for you. If you haven’t started designing your bedroom yet, you have even more flexibility. If you’ve already started designing your other interior spaces, it might be a good idea to match your bedroom to the other rooms.

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