E-Cigarettes: Safer Than Big Tobacco

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E-Cigarettes: Safer Than Big Tobacco

For decades, the big tobacco industry has floated a cloud of toxic and addicting nicotine over our heads. Finally, the smoking industry decided to change that and turned to e-cigarettes. Since environmentally-friendly products are all the rage, companies knew that these would sell well while getting people healthier.

In the UK, more than 2.6 million people have turned to vaping and e-cigarettes since their debut. Since then, Public Health England has found that the electronic cigarettes are more than 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarette smoking. Most of this 2.6 million are people who want to eliminate smoking entirely or who are trying to cut down. Unfortunately, those who believe e-cigarettes are a lie are on the rise to over 22%.

E-cigarette smoking and vaping is a water-based activity with vegetable glycerine as a primary ingredient. This makes for a natural smoking experience and is significantly less harmful than normal nicotine consumption.

E-Cigarette Ingredients

The best ecigarette does not contain any nicotine; in fact, many rely solely on vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. Those that are vegetable glycerine-based use between 60% to 75% for optimal smoking. USP-grade propylene glycol is found in asthma medication, makeup and flavours for food. It’s also found in fog machines used at clubs or concerts. This means it’s more than safe for inhalation.

For those who find they are allergic to propylene glycol, they can still enjoy e-cigarettes safely by switching to a completely vegetable glycerine-fuelled device. Even though many e-cigarettes use a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, e-cigarettes can function well on just the syrupy vegetable fuel.

Cartridges: Fresh Flavours and Scents

Some smokers admit to smoking but hating the aftertaste. Unfortunately, nicotine addiction makes it harder to quit. With e-cigarettes and vaping devices, you can smoke and enjoy the flavour without smelling awful afterwards. Cartridge flavours can include delicious fruit scents like apples, oranges, and even cherries.

For more natural flavours and smells, menthol and tobacco products are available and come in cartridges that can be purchased and refilled. This allows users to get the taste that they are craving without the lack of healthiness that comes along with nicotine products. In return, users can cut down on the amount as they aren’t craving it any longer and may eliminate smoking completely.

Cartridges for vaping and electronic cigarettes can provide enough juice for around 30 cigarettes apiece, depending on the kind bought. To put this into perspective, a normal pack of cigarettes has 20 in each pack. One cartridge is enough for a pack and a half.

Serious Savings by Switching

Besides becoming increasingly healthier by switching, another primary benefit of switching to electronic cigarettes is the amount of money saved. The average smoker takes down a pack a day, which can add up to over 5800 pounds per year. With starter e-cigarette packs coming with everything you need, you can reduce the amount spent on smoking products by thousands annually. By switching to e-cigarettes and vaping, you will save money and save your lungs simultaneously. Spend your hard-earned pounds on things that matter and kick the serious habit today,

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