From Smoking to Vaping – A Complete Guide

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From Smoking to Vaping – A Complete Guide

Smoking is an extremely harmful habit. Researchers have been focusing on cigarettes for more than a century. Cigarettes became popular in the late 1800s. By the First World War, cigarettes had become popular throughout the globe. They were widely used in the War by soldiers in order to ward off depression and retain their senses. Cigarettes continued to rise in popularity after the War.

During the Second World War, cigarettes were primarily used by soldiers as currency. They would trade different brands of cigarettes with each other in order to buy items. Today, the cigarette industry is worth trillions of dollars. There are hundreds of companies that manufacture tobacco across the globe, using a variety of different techniques in order to vary the taste of their product.

Some people smoke out of habit. They are so used to the smoke and the nicotine that their body systems fail to function unless they get the dose. That’s one of the main reasons why so many people immediately go for a smoke after eating a heavy meal. On the other hand, some people smoke just because they want to look cool. They just want to create a different persona, and often end up harming their bodies in the process.

As more and more people have started smoking on a global level, different health-related problems have come to the forefront. Scientists and researchers have been studying the effects of smoking for many years. Several published studies and reports have confirmed that cigarettes are extremely harmful to a person’s health.

It has been confirmed that smoking is one of the leading causes of lung cancer. For people who suffer from asthma, cigarettes can also trigger an attack, cutting the supply of oxygen to your body. Furthermore, cigarettes deposit tar on your lungs. Here are just some of the many confirmed effects of cigarettes on a person’s body:

  • Cold and flu
  • Coughing
  • Irritability and anxiety
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Blood clotting
  • Constricting your vessels
  • Blood cancer
  • Yellow teeth
  • Weak gums
  • Complications for people who suffer from diabetes
  • Infertility
  • Pregnancy issues

Apart from all this, perhaps the biggest problem with cigarettes is that they can cause an addiction. Once you get into the habit of smoking, it’s not easy to quit. You may face severe withdrawal symptoms if you try to quit. In fact, most people who are chain smokers often end up in rehabilitation centres. It’s not easy to quit smoking. Your body becomes dependent on the drugs found inside the cigarette.

E-cigarettes, however, have changed the game completely. The demand for e-cigarettes has been on the rise over the past few years, and the cigarette industry has taken a major hit as a result. More and more people are switching from cigarettes over to e-cigarettes for many reasons.

Electronic cigarettes generally contain nicotine, the main drug that’s found in cigarettes, but they don’t contain all of the other harmful carcinogens that you find in a conventional smoke. Modern e-cigs consist of components that are connected together.

The Modern Build

The modern e-cigarette has a battery and an atomiser. The atomiser contains the e-liquid, and must be connected to the battery. Whenever you take a puff on the e-cigarette, the battery sends a charge to the atomiser, which boils the e-liquid and releases the vapour, which you then suck in.

There are plenty of customisable options available for people who like vaping. You can switch out the flavour of the e-liquid to match your tastes, and you can also use a variety of different accessories along with the e-cig in order to enhance your vaping experience and increase the amount of vapour produced.

There are many different companies that sell e-cigarettes nowadays. X2 Cigs – e-cigarettes have become very popular throughout Australia. The company sells a variety of different components and accessories, as well as ready-made e-cig starter kits that you can use.

Switching from smoking to vaping is a great idea for people who are trying to quit their smoking habits. Here are just some of the many benefits that e-cigarettes offer over conventional smokes:

Reduced Risk of Lung Cancer

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of vaping over smoking is that it significantly reduces the risk of cancer. Conventional cigarettes contain a number of harmful carcinogens and cancer-causing agents that you inhale into your body. These carcinogens pass through your bloodstream, putting your immune system into double gear to cleanse the system. Numerous studies have been published across the globe which confirm that nicotine replacement products such as e-cigarettes are a much healthier alternative compared to conventional smokes.

No Odour

Cigarette smoke has a very strong odour. If you smoke in a closed room, it won’t be long before the smell will settle in to your furniture, your clothes and other parts of the room. Many people who smoke in public places also put others in harm’s way. The second hand carcinogens that others smoke (also known as passive smoking), can be extremely harmful to the other people who may be close to you.

If you are vaping in public, you don’t have to worry about any smoke or odour. After all, you are inhaling vapour. The vapour you release has no smell at all. You don’t even need a mouth freshener afterwards. Vaping is a great option for people who prefer using their cigarettes in the open.


You may be amazed to know that e-cigarettes are actually much cheaper than conventional smokes. Chain smokers generally burn through a pack in a day. If you are smoke an e-cigarette, however, it will last you for several days. Once the e-liquid runs out, you can just buy a separate container and connect it to the battery. Within a few months, you will be surprised at the amount of money you end up saving with e-cigarettes.

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