Get ready to party: Accessories to look out for

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Get ready to party: Accessories to look out for

Accessories Make the Outfit!

Whether you are headed to a party, a night on the town, or maybe a wedding, there is always more to the perfect outfit than just the dress or shirt itself. Your choice of accessories can make or break your entire look. Sometimes that little leather clutch perfectly vibes with your little black dress. Or perhaps your sunglasses and scarf clash with your top, distracting from what otherwise might have landed you on any “Best Dressed” list. Accessories make up 24% of women’s clothing purchases, so make sure yours make the most sense for your style.

Charm-ing Bags

A purse off the shelf can be lovely, but that bag could belong to anyone. Turn any purse into your own personalized designer bag with some personalization options from Oroton. An alphabet charm can serve a purpose in addition to looking beautiful. Ever tried to find your bag from the pile of purses at the end of a bridal shower? Or had to ask someone to grab your purse and describe it as “the black one”? Distinguish your purse with a charm with your initial on it, and you’ll never mistake yours for someone else’s again.

Not a fan of the simple letter? Go for a simple wrist strap around the bag handle, or maybe something meaningful and symbolic in your life, like a cross, lightning bolt, or even something useful like a mirrored charm. Just like that, you’ve created your own perosnalised designer bags.

Strap and Unstrap

What makes a purse perfect? Sometimes it’s all about options. Maybe the cell phone pouch in one purse works for a certain outing, but the extra space in a larger bag makes it the choice for a beach trip. How about a bag with multiple options in one? Check out options like the Forte Medium Tote, with a fascinating and functional gold strap that can be worn in four ways: a cross body strap, a short strap, completely chain-less, or even without the leather option. Every time you bring the bag along it can add something new to that day’s look.

Clutch Strong

Less is more, right? When all you need is a few key items – maybe a cell phone, lipstick, and your house key – it’s time to carry a clutch. Clutches can be perfect when you head to a nightclub or a wedding, or any event where minimal is the goal. For whenever you wear that black number you always go to, I suggest lightening up your accessories with a white clutch like the Forte Texture Clutch Bag. After all, no one likes being weighed down.

Storing More

As much as I love going minimalistic, there are times when you have all sorts of stuff that just has to come with you – like those snacks you might sneak into the movie theater, or all the charging cables and reading material you need for your next flight. I love a good hobo bag, like the Alpine Contrast Hobo, not only because it can work for a casual night out or even to work meetings, but because there is just so much space! These types of bags somehow toe the line of carefree but sophisticated, and every woman needs at least one or two in her closet.

Scarves – Not Just for Chills

I think one of the most underrated accessory is the scarf. It can add a pop of color to a black and white look, or tone down a brightly colored dress or blouse. And if you live anywhere where it gets a bit chilly, something to warm your neck and chest is never a bad thing. Scarves are the female version of a men’s tie – a chance to show some personality, have a little fun, and express yourself. Don’t be afraid of a round continuous scarf, like an infinity scarf, for a look that never fails to impress.

Just in Phone Case

Like it or not, our cell phones are a huge part of our lives and practically an additional limb. We use them to get place to place, to keep up with our social lives, and to schedule our events and appointments. So why not express yourself and your fashion sense with your phone case? Get one with a fun design, a picture of your favorite vacation spot, the logo of your preferred sports team, or a family photo on it. Prefer function over fashion? Try a phone case in an integrated wallet, so you have your license, credit cards, and phone all in one perfect handful.

Wallets, Wallets, Wallets

A wallet does not have to be that big, bulky brick in your purse. Consider something sleek and well designed to contain everything you need in one. For travel purposes, this is often the best option, as it can contain your ticket, passport, credit cards, and only the other essentials. Keep the rest of your stuff in your luggage, and simplify with a wallet that can be your best friend all in one handful.

For most of us, we buy new dresses, skirts, and tops from time to time, but purchase new accessories only every so often. With that in mind, it only makes sense to take the time to find the perfect accessories that you will get use out of for years to come, and that can be transformed and transformative. There’s no need to purchase a purse that only goes with one outfit or a handbag you will only use for flying, so consider the possibilities and personalization options of the next accessory you purchase.

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