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For some men, losing their hair can be a big deal.  Watching your forehead turn from a fivehead into a ninehead can feel like a loss of identity.  The loss of hair is a constant reminder that you’re getting older, although that isn’t always the case. As the saying goes “hair today gone tomorrow”.

If you are worried about the loss of hair, why not consider medical tourism in Turkey? Male hair transplant specialists in Istanbul use new technologies which will:-

  1. Leave no scars
  2. Cause no pain
  3. Give you a 100% natural look

Check out medical tourism cut-price hair transplant experts like Dr.Tayfun Oguzoglu.  This renowned hair transplant doctor has already helped hundreds of men from the UK regain their pride and joy. The allure of a new head of hair at a bargain price is enough for many men to set aside any misgivings about proceeding with this type of medical tourism.  When you consider that around 200 cost-effective hair transplants are carried out each day in Turkey, it’s not surprising that many men are foreign visitors.

Hair transplants in Turkey are on the rise

OK you’re not happy about losing your “barnet”, so combine a hair transplant procedure in Turkey with a well-deserved holiday, what could be better?   Medical tourism is on the rise in Turkey especially when it comes to male hair transplants.  As part of the package you’ll be collected on your arrival at the airport by a chauffeur and driven to an all-inclusive hotel.  When embarking on a scalp makeover, after the transplant is completed:-

  1. Take a tour of the Hagia Sophia
  2. Visit the Grand Bazaar

Hair transplant surgery, commonly known as follicular unit extraction, involves using what looks like a micro-apple-cover to lift thousands of hairs and their follicles from the back of the head before replacing them on bare or thinning patches.  You will be given a local anaesthetic during the procedure so you can chill out, watch TV, or stare out at the city while the doctor and a team of nurses work away.

Find out more about FUE hair transplant

During the last two decades or so, new techniques and improvements have taken hair transplants in Turkey to the next level.  Today, hairs can be re-planted to follow the direction of the individual’s natural growth pattern via micro mini graft techniques. The FUE technique basically involves harvesting healthy hair follicles from the scalp and grafting them directly onto the bald or thinning areas of the head.  The main advantages of the FUE technique are:-

  1. No linear scarring or stitches, allowing you to wear your hair short
  2. Achieve a more natural look
  3. Only healthy and strong follicles are transplanted
  4. Initial healing takes around two to four days
  5. Less pain and no missed days off work
  6. Enjoy sporting activities after just one week

What’s more, the cost of FUE hair transplant procedures is often less than other techniques.

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