Help Your Baby Feel Full and Happy

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Help Your Baby Feel Full and Happy

There are more than a few reasons a child may need to use a bottle even when he or she is breastfeeding and you need to choose the right one for his or her needs. A newborn has to eat and he or she does so every hour or two after birth. The options to help them keep their stomachs full are breastfeeding, formula, or a combination of the two. Buying a baby bottle might seem to be an obvious purchase if you plan to use formula from the start, but it may not be on the forefront of your mind if you want to breastfeed and are concerned about nipple confusion. However, a bottle is an essential baby tool no matter what or how you plan to feed your newborn.

Take a Break

Although you may want to be a superhero for your child and never miss a breastfeeding, you need your rest to produce quality milk and keep your supply full. For the sake of your sanity or simply to keep up with your real-world responsibilities, you may eventually need to take a break from your baby and let someone else feed him or her. Once a baby has established a nursing routine and has mastered latching, then parents can safely introduce a bottle so mom can get some much-deserved rest or slip away to take care of some work.

The Right Brands

Not all bottles are created equal and it is important that you choose a reputable brand to ensure that you avoid colic and keep the baby happy. Brands such as Philips Avent are cost-effective and specially created to help breastfeeding babies make use of the bottles without issue and give mums the best opportunity to take a break.

Let Others Bond with Baby

Humans place a lot of importance on food and it has been a way for them to bond and grow together as a species for millennia. Feeding baby is a great opportunity for fathers to bond with their babies and take some of the workload off the mums so they can catch up on rest. Cradling baby and making eye contact while holding a bottle helps to bring them closer together in a fashion that is similar to a breastfeeding session with mum. Through this occasional practice, you can increase the bond between dad and baby.

Convenience and Transportability

It may not always be possible to keep mum with the baby at all times and a bottle is a crucial tool that allows the baby to be taken out of the home even when she is not there. Being able to feed the baby when mum is not around will be a necessity at some point and a bottle is the only way to make this possible.

Skill Building

When a baby has reached the age of four or five months, he or she begins to gain enough strength in his or her arms and hands to lift light objects such as rattles. Being able to hold a bottle and learning to tilt and rotate is a necessary skill and helps him or her establish some level of independence that is self-motivating and takes little encouragement when baby reaches this level of development. Therefore, even breastfeeding parents should be sure to have several bottles of reliable quality at all times.


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