High Ball Victoria Bike 2012 First Look

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High Ball Victoria Bike 2012 First Look

Hot rod floats and bicycles have ridden a wave of revival recently. More garage builders are cutting and stripping defenses bikes to the essential than ever in modern interpretations of old themes. Victory Motorcycles, which has established a reputation for himself, changing the perception of what an American V-Twin cruiser need to be, searching to capitalize on this movement, which is based on stylistic features of the past for high-victory 2012 Ball.

In the center of the Alta 2012-High Ball Victory Vegas is one of the greatest-selling Victory bikes. The basic architecture of high DNA Ball comes directly from Vegas – a raised spine that runs along the bike for half a tank and fenders, along with a victory of freedom 106 / 6 Stage 2 V-Twin. But that’s where the similarities end.

The 2012 Victoria High-Ball features high-rise handlebars, a chopped front fender, smaller, thicker wire wheels with whitewalls down and dark treatment. The excellent thing is that bars can be quickly adjusted with straightforward hand tools to a smaller, a lot more “relaxed” position. The victory assures us that this will not affect the control of the mountains and the cables go well in any position.

white stripe tires old school are a nice contrast to the treatment crossed the engine, frame, bars, headlight bucket, rods, fender struts and covers the cylinder head. Victoria made the recess of the tank most prominent in the white paint as well. The High-Ball has a low slung car to 25 inches and photographs, the rider’s position appears to be a little bent forward holding the bar to shoulder height with mirrors mounted at eye level. A single round indicator is mounted high between the bars and the all-in-one unit serves as a speedometer, tachometer, odometer, warning lights and consists of some other functions.

The 16-inch high-Ball front wheel is two inches smaller than the front rim Vegas “, but 40 mm wider at 130 mm. Victoria uses a wheel 16 inches in the back too, but reduced the width of standard Vegas for 30 mm to 150 mm measurement. The stainless steel spokes with the conversion of Russian custom retro cruiser. Stainless steel stands out among the black shiny wheels and axles whilst the white band Cruisermax Dunlop tires also contribute to hot style rod.El 2012-Ball High is also more compact than the standard of Las Vegas. The total length of high-Ball is 3.5 inches shorter and its wheelbase is 1.5 inches more compact. Victoria committee also declined to 31.7 inches, 1.2 inches narrower than the Vegas and hit the trail to 6.7 inches. Add it all up and you have a bike shorter with a rake with far more force, a combined tire is shorter and wider at the front and far more out lean back, then pull the power of freedom of Victory 106 / 6 V-Twin Stage 2 tuning which places a claimed 97 hp and 113 lb-ft of torque and you have a motorcycle style separator need to be quite enjoyable to drive.

Victoria says she has a black 2-in-1 aftermarket exhaust already works. Accessories created for Victory in Las Vegas as a passenger seat and pegs that fit into the High-Ball, too. Its MSRP $ 13,499 means that it is a wonderful cheaper than Vegas and put it in a favorable price compared with Harley-Davidson Dark Custom competitor, the pirate flag, which has a price tag of $ 16,999.

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