How Does a 4-Stroke Model Engine Work

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How Does a 4-Stroke Model Engine Work

If you are looking for an engine for your model airplanes, you are likely looking for a 4-stroke engine. Some 2-stroke engines are available as well, but while 2-stroke engines provide more bottom end power and more acceleration, they do not have the top-end capacity of a 4-stroke. The strokes refer to the ways in which fuel is consumed by the engine and exhaust is expelled. Each time the piston moves, it is considered to be a stroke.

Here’s How it Works

Model shops in Kent sell incredibly compact engines that are useful for powering model airplanes.

  • The piston begins at top dead centre. When it moves downwards, that is the first stroke. It involves the intake of fuel into the cylinder.
  • The second stroke involves the piston moving back upwards. This compresses the fuel in preparation for ignition.
  • The third stroke involves the spark plug igniting the fuel. This forces the piston back downwards and provides the power to move the airplane.
  • The final stroke involves the piston moving back from bottom dead centre to top dead centre. It forces the exhaust out of the engine and prepares to start the process all over again.

Finding the Right Engine

When you are choosing an engine for your model airplane, you will also be concerned with the size of the engine. You need an engine that is small enough to fit into your plane but large enough to provide the amount of power you need. The lighter weight the engine is, the more power you will be able to devote to flight.

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