How To Pick The Right Flowers For Every Occasion

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How To Pick The Right Flowers For Every Occasion

Depending on the Birmingham florist that you choose to go with, it is important to know the possible limitations and style preferences when it comes to picking the flowers for every occasion. Just because a flower is available doesn’t mean that it is the best choice for any occasion.

Many things such as the color, smell, and overall aesthetic of the flower contribute to how well it is perceived during a certain occasion. Below is a guide on how to pick the right flowers for the next time that you take a trip to your florist jewellery quarter to get something for a specific occasion.


Fortunately, the first entry on this list is an occasion that doesn’t really have any limits. You can go all out on your selection for the flowers if you are preparing them for a birthday. However, it’s probably better to find out the favorite color of the birthday celebrant and work with those. You can get a bouquet of flowers with different shades of their favorite color. Add some festive colored flowers in there as well to make the entire thing feel a whole lot livelier. White, yellow, and other right colors are great to make the birthday celebrant feel happier.


If you are sending a bouquet to express sympathy, you should get white cut flowers. Lilies, orchids, and white roses are the go-to flowers for this occasion. If there are other white flowers available, then you should add them to your bouquet to mix up the appearance of your collection.

Get Well Soon

Are you sending a bouquet of flowers for someone who is in the hospital? It is important that the bouquet that you are sending them from your florist jewellery quarter has elements that can provide them with cheer and joy. Yellow lilies, green roses, and other flowers sent in a vibrant vase will definitely help ease up any tension that the person is feeling due to their condition. Make sure that you include a note cheering them on and hoping that they get better. Flowers that smell great make great addition to bouquets sent for this purpose because they can make a dull hospital room feel homey.


Are you trying to think of a bouquet to send to that someone that you think is going to be very special in your life? Get Chinese poppies. They’re guaranteed to get the point across during courtship. If you are already celebrating your anniversary, a bouquet of mint, lavender, and rosemary will definitely make your significant other appreciate the collection of flowers that you’ve sent.

Office Morale

If your office is in need of that boost in morale, you should look into getting office reception flowers Birmingham. Flowers that last long and have attracting, but not aggressive, fragrances are great to have in the office. Put the bouquet in a vase and have it in a well-lit room. The arrangement will definitely boost the morale of everyone.

Lily Jones, a Birmingham florist, is the perfect source for office reception flowers Birmingham or of flowers for any occasion. Contact us today to order your beautiful arrangement!

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