How Your Family Can Ruin Your Wedding

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How Your Family Can Ruin Your Wedding

For years before we’re even close to the wedding, somewhere still in puberty, parents take us to the wedding of daughters of some of their friends. You come, young and full of energy with enthusiasm to change the world and get completely disappointed. After a horrible lunch, toothless uncles and aunts, cheap perfumes and even less expensive brandy, you decide it there – my wedding will not be like this. Serli Siron Engagement Ring is waiting for you to stop by and see the jewelry we have for you and your partner.

Even then, in the seventh grade, you promised to yourself: my wedding will mainly have young guests! I do not want this awful music on my wedding! There will be a DJ! And the violin before that! At my wedding the groom’s brother will not throw up in front of the guests. On my wedding waters will not serve this hideous juice! On my wedding, there will not be 350 people! My wedding will be small and interesting!

We have sad news. All of this will happen at your wedding too. And thanks to your and your partner’s parents.
If you think that 300, 400 people are a lot, you are wrong. It is 150 guests for you, 150 for your partner. From this think about that almost half of them you do not know or do not like.

Your parents will insist to invite family and you cannot refuse because… well, they are your family. Then his parents will insist on the same treatment. It is already 200, 300 people.

You will have a terrible room, not an elegant restaurant:

Elegant restaurants literally never receive more than 200 people. 100 is the average and 200 is a lot. All of the restaurants which can accommodate 250, 300 people have rooms with kitschy and ironic names like Chic, Glamor, Style, or some Italian names Dolce Vita that are located next to the highway, half an hour away from the city. Even they will not receive more than 350 people, so you will not be able to invite all of your friends. Then, for the number of guests will cost you a lot, so you have to choose the cheapest menu. Just with the number of guests, your family and your partner’s family can easily destroy the wedding if you do not learn how to protect yourself. It is your family and you need to make their wishes come true as well, but you need to start learning saying no if you do not want to sacrifice your own happiness.

You need to tell them no, and let them know their limits. They can give you suggestions but at the end you are the one who should make the decision. You and your partner should determine the number of guests and no one else. It is your own wedding; this is not about the parents.


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