OC-420 LCD Projector Review

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OC-420 LCD Projector Review

Odyssey OC-420 LCD is a projector like no other. With over 4500 lumens, this projector is more than 50% brighter when compared to most LED mini projectors. It boasts of outstanding high native resolutions of 1920 x 1080p.  The aspect ratio and contrast ratio are as well quite incredible. The lamp lifetime is more than 20,000 hours which means it requires more than four years of continuous use before you need to replace it.

Features and Design Quality

Odyssey OC-420 LCD is multifunctional. It can be utilized for a variety of purposes and can pair perfectly well with different sorts of devices. For instance, when you have this projector, you can pair it with your personal computer, DVD player, Chromebook, media player, USB flash driver, and SD card. You can use it to charge your tablet and smartphone. It pairs well with home theaters to home best movie watching and gaming playing experiences.  Its resolution is not best-suited for PowerPoint presentations.

In overall, it has a good design quality. Its looks and design quality are quite outstanding. You can be sure that it can withstand harsh climatic conditions. It works well even in a brightly lit situation which means that it is an excellent choice for those who want to get wonderful video projection results.

Performance and Capabilities

ODYSSEY CINEMA VX-9 is performance oriented. It delivers the best results when used correctly. With the high resolution and great lumens brightness, it promises to deliver super clear and vivid images.  It includes a built-in stereo system that ensures each detail of the sound produced by your home theater is clear and audible.  Since it is strongly constructed, you should not worry about wear and tear. Also, it uses the latest fan cooling technology to minimize overheating and sound free design that ensures you can quietly without causing disturbance to other family members.  It incorporates VGA port, USB, and HDMI ports. It also includes TF and AV in and out ports.  It can connect with a wireless HDMI dongle.

Why it is a Great Investment

Odyssey OC-420 LCD is assuredly one of the best home theater projectors you can invest in today. There are numerous reasons people consider investing in this choice of a projector among which include.

  • Offers value for money. Odyssey OC-420 LCD is one of the best quality projectors that are offered at reasonably affordable rates.
  • Connects to USB devices. This means that you can play movies in a wide variety of formats.
  • It includes different output and input layers. This means that you can utilize it for multiple purposes in different situations.


Everybody wants to get value for money when investing in different home theater projectors. The only problem is that not many people are ready to invest time searching for the perfect products. Even those who have the time often end up failing since they do not know what makes the perfect projector. As  odyssey cinema VT 20 Odyssey OC-420 LCD is an excellent investment for many that promise to deliver real value for money. It includes multiple features and perfect design which differentiate it from other projectors.

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