Parenting 101: How to Choose the Perfect Baby Bassinet

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Parenting 101: How to Choose the Perfect Baby Bassinet

When you have a newborn baby, snuggling is always an enjoyable thing to do. This is the reason why you always hold the baby and keep him/her close. However, there are times that you need to do something, in that case, a baby bassinet is an excellent help.  Bassinet can also help you when you are traveling with the baby. There will be times that you want the baby to sleep close to you, a bassinet should be considered.
Bassinets have different uses. The good news is that there are different types of the bassinet on the market but choosing will confuse you. You can start with the Best Baby bassinet. Although there are different types of the bassinet, it has only one goal – to ensure that the baby is sleeping comfortably. To ensure that the baby can sleep comfortably, here are some tips on choosing the perfect baby bassinet:
Safety check

You need to be assured of the baby’s safety whenever he/she uses the bassinet. Safety includes checking the strength and durability of the boundary walls. You should also check the height of the bassinet as well as the materials used. All materials should be robust to carry the baby.
Check the mattress

The mattress is important in keeping the baby comfortable while sleeping but sometimes it can be the source of rashes. If you notice rashes, you should check the mattress. The mattress should be 100% made of cotton. According to international standards, the thickness of the mattress shouldn’t be more than 1 inch. It should be firm.


If the bassinets are portable, you can bring your baby wherever you are in the house. When you buy a bassinet, make sure that it does not need to be fixed in one area. The bassinet should offer easy movement and accessibility.  
Pick rocking bassinet

A rocking bassinet is effective when putting the baby to sleep. Choose a bassinet with good rocking capacity. If you come across a musical system with the bassinet, take it also because the baby will enjoy it.
Select the right beddings

Your baby doesn’t need exquisite bedding. He/she only needs a simple fitted sheet. It should fit the mattress perfectly. Bassinets do not have standard sizes so looking for the perfect beddings is not easy.
Read the manufacturer’s guidelines

It is important to know when to stop using the bassinet. The manufacturers will put guidelines about the weight and age limits of the bassinet. If the label states you can only use it for 4 months or if baby reaches 20 pounds, stop using it. This is for the baby’s safety.

If you are thinking about recycling an elder child’s bassinet, make sure that it is still sturdy. Check the gaps, mattress, support and the overall condition of the bassinet. It is always safe to buy a new one that way you are ensured of its integral structure.   


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