Party Time: Five Gifts That Will Be a Hit at Any Bachelorette Party

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Party Time: Five Gifts That Will Be a Hit at Any Bachelorette Party

Giving the bride-to-be a bachelorette party gift to help her get in the party mood or plan for her upcoming wedding is a nice way to congratulate her and kick-start the fun. Here are five suggestions for gifts she’ll really appreciate.

Gag Gifts

Yes, they’re tacky, but gag gifts are almost a necessity at any bachelorette function. Forgo the phallic-shaped party favors and opt for more tasteful items such as a clip-on veil or a labeled sash to identify the guest of honor as soon-to-be-wed when you step out on the town. Feather boas, embellished tees and tiaras are other fun ideas.


Nice lingerie the bride-to-be might actually wear on her honeymoon is a perfect bachelorette gift. Edible undies and candy bras are in poor taste but, in the spirit of girls’ night out, something sophisticated-yet-sexy might be appropriate. If you’re not sure about buying intimate apparel for someone else, a gift card to a lingerie shop is a nice alternative.


Bring the party to the bachelorette by arriving with champagne, fine wine, or drink mixers and barware in hand. For a really practical gift the bride can use long after the wedding, have all the guests chip in to purchase a high-end blender like a Blendtec. Present it to the guest of honor along with a nice bottle of tequila and start the evening by whipping up a batch of frozen margaritas.

After-Party Essentials

Give the bachelorette something she’ll thank you for in the morning, like a pair of fancy flip-flops in which she can dance the night away once she’s kicked off her stilettos. Another cute idea is to offer her a hangover kit for the morning after the party, stocked with pain reliever, stomach medication, an eye mask and coffee.

Wedding-Related Items

Special wedding-day items are always appreciated by bachelorettes. Why not surprise her with a lovely bath set to help her relax before the big day or a pretty beaded purse or make-up bag? Custom-made footwear, like sneakers with the word “bride” spelled out in rhinestones will save her feet at her wedding reception, and a just-married ball cap might be the perfect touch for her getaway honeymoon ensemble.

Whether you choose something silly or something practical, bringing the bride-to-be a special bachelorette party gift is a nice way to let her know that you’re happy for her and that you appreciate being a part of the festivities.

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