Popular Florist-delivered Flowers

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Popular Florist-delivered Flowers

When it comes to giving a meaningful gift, you will find that flowers make a memorable statement. That is why a variety of flower arrangements are featured for occasions such as weddings, anniversaries birthdays, and holidays. Popular flowers include roses, chrysanthemums, tulips, and cut floral arrangements. Information about these flowers and other floral products are listed below.

The Rose

The rose is the most popular flower worldwide. Because it is a symbol of love, this bloom is used alone and in various occasion bouquets. Roses are often sent for anniversaries, weddings, funerals, and for Valentine’s Day.

Cut Flowers

Cut flower bouquets are frequently sent as gifts in the floral trade. Fresh flowers are sent on birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and as thank you gifts.


Bedford florists often send out carnations on special occasions, especially on commemorative days, such as Mothering Sunday.


Tulips are popular spring flowers and are well-appreciated for their various shapes, heights and hues.


These summer-blooming flowers are often added to flower arrangements for a variety of occasions. If you want to include gracefulness in an arrangement, this is the bloom to choose.


These flowers rank third in popularity, following the ever-popular rose and carnation.

Seasonal Floral Gifts

Flowers that are used for special occasions must be arranged in relation to the event. For example, wedding bouquets should be made of seasonal flowers – blooms that are delicate and soft-hued in the spring or denote rich and vibrant shades in the fall.

Birthday Blooms

If you are buying flowers for a birthday, colourful and vivid flowers are always a proper gift. You can also send the recipient his or her favourite flower when you are sending this type of bouquet.

Easter Bouquets

If you are sending flowers at Easter time, white roses, white carnations, and calla lilies are ideal blooms to use.

Get Well Blooms

Get well blooms should consist of cheerful flowers, such as yellow or red floral arrangements in a basket or vase.


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