Rent Cameras and Accessories before you Buy

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Rent Cameras and Accessories before you Buy

Many people have heard the expression “the camera doesn’t make the photo – the photographer makes the photo”.  This may be true, however having the right type of camera and photographic equipment certainly helps.

If you’re a professional photographer, amateur or like taking holiday snaps, you’ll know that photographic equipment, cameras and accessories can be quite expensive to buy.  Even building up photography gear over a period of time can cost a lot of money.  The thing is with cameras, just when you think you’ve got the ideal setup, the latest camera or a faster lens appears on the market.

Why not hire a camera and accessories?

 For many camera enthusiasts, new makes and models of cameras are just too hard to resist.  If money is an issue, why not hire a camera and accessories? Camera hire Sydney offers a wide range of:-

  1. Camera kits
  2. Camera accessories
  3. Lenses
  4. Lens accessories
  5. Media and audio equipment
  6. Video and audio recorders
  7. Live and post-production equipment

Hiring cameras and accessories is a great idea especially when cash is a little bit tight.  It’s a viable option for professionals, amateurs and camera buffs.  There’s also an exciting range of SD and HD camera kits as well as lenses available to rent in all popular formats.  Qualified staff can provide you with exactly what you want for a single camera shoot to multi-camera production studios.

The benefits of renting photo gear

There are definitely advantages to renting cameras and photographic equipment, for instance:-

  1. The cost – the cost of renting is generally much lower than the cost of buying cameras and photographic equipment.  This is especially true if you need equipment for work.  Even if you’re not going to use a camera and accessories on a regular basis, renting is still a good option.
  2. The ability to try out equipment – renting also provides you with the ability to try out the equipment.  It’s a way to see if it suits your style of photography.  Once you get used to and enjoy using a particular camera and accessories, you can then make an investment to buy knowing that you are making the right choice.
  3. Using rentals as a backup system – rental camera kits, video and audio recorders, like production equipment along with accessories, can be used as a backup system.  They are ideal for special events such as weddings or concerts.
  4. Travelling light – if you’re after renting camera kits and production equipment abroad, have the gear shipped directly to your hotel.  This eliminates travel related anxiety concerning damaged equipment, lost luggage and excess baggage charges.
  5. Short-term rentals – there’s also the option of short-term rentals if your camera and photographic equipment are getting repaired.  It will allow you to keep working while you wait for your gear to be repaired.

So there you have it, the many advantages of renting camera kits and production equipment.

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