St.Croix10’s Custom Embroidered Polos

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St.Croix10’s Custom Embroidered Polos

Looking for ideas for gifts to close friends or relatives or a uniform for sports events or tournaments? Or even employee uniforms? And also wanting them to be well in your budget along with being of awesome quality and fashionable? Well, a perfectly fitting answer to that can be a custom embroidered polos. Especially for professional purposes or sports events, they can be an ideal choice.

Embroidered polos makes an excellent statement in professional world and are in high demand by all kinds of companies nowadays. You can even embroider it with you companies or team’s name or logo on the shirt which will certainly bring a kind of unity and spirit of teamwork in the group members.

And if you holding back from this option just because of some lingering doubts about quality of stitching of embroidery or its durability then rest assured. Embroidery of these kind are very strong and durable and it won’t fade or shrink because of washing it either. You can get a logo or design of your own on the best quality shirt of your choice.

So now that you are sure to go with the plan of custom embroidered polos, the next question in line is, ‘To which service provider to go to who guarantees you with the best quality of brands from which you can choose and a durable custom embroidery of your design?’ Well we have got answer for your this question too. St. CroiX10.

St. CroiX10 offers you with all the best and most trusted brands of clothes and apparels from which you can choose like Adidas, Nike, Patagonia, Columbia, etc. They also provide you with various other products other than polo shirts. It also provides their customers with different catalogues enlightening them with the latest trends and fashion along with best brands. But this doesn’t mean that you have your choices limited to these catalogues, you can go for a brand that is not in their catalog, too.

You can personalize your brand with three simple steps. First you have to choose the brand of clothes or in this case your polo shirt. Secondly, you have to choose the color and upload the logo. This logo can be your self-designed or cross brands design, in other words, whatever you wish wish for. This ensures that you are not bound by your creativity. They also guarantees you with the highest embroidery quality. And lastly, you have to select the size and quantity of the shirts and viol! Your order is placed. And even after the order is complete you will get regular updates about your product like the confirmation order, review of your order which includes upload of artwork and inventory.

They also email the customer with the digital proof of design placement including sew out of logo. And on the 10 the day after your order placement, your order is shipped to you along with a tracking number emailed to the customer. With 36 years of experience in this industry, St. CroiX10 has created such a reputation here that it will be hard to argue with the fact that their work and dedication gives their fullest to satisfy their customers’ needs and wants.


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