The Art of Professional Hair Design

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The Art of Professional Hair Design

In Search of Professionals in Hair Design

It’s difficult to imagine how we ever managed without a professional barber or hair stylist. Even in the Baroque era, hair stylists struggled to make impossibly stratospheric hair styles look fresh and new.

Barbers and hair stylists possess an artistic nature enhanced by training and study. Today’s salons and styling shops require professionals with certifications from schools like the Academy of Hair Design if they expect their salons to reflect their commitment to their customers.

Barbering Studies
While cutting hair may seem simple, many is the sorry individual who tried to cut their own hair without proper study and experience. Barbering studies include:
. Grooming
. Shaving
. Styling for men, women and children
. Hair design
. Safety
. Knowledge of various cutting, coloring and drying tools
. Chemicals used in coloring, dyeing, hair relaxing, hair removal and permanents

The course of study for barbering and hair design depends on the schools of certification. For example, the Academy of Hair Design courses include:
. Barbering
. Cosmetology
. Manicuring
. Esthetics

It’s also important to note that students are required to study for a specific number of hours in order to receive full certification in each course chosen. Students are guided in proper practices that ensure sanitary conditions during their service to customers. They are trained in excellent customer service practices which helps promote their professional reputations in their industry.

Why Professional Salons Rely on Certified Barbers and Hair Stylists
Salon owners know that in order for their businesses to develop regular patronage and thrive, it is essential that they hire only highly trained, certified professionals.

Today’s salons are mostly unisex. Salon owners need stylists who serve men, women and children. Their patrons vary in age from very young toddlers to senior citizens, each with special needs for beauty, hair and scalp care. Salons post their employees certifications so that patrons can verify the skills they are receiving from salon employees.

Professional Salon Care – A Must to Look and Feel Great
Salon owners try to offer a full compliment of services similar to that of a spa. Many students choose a diverse course of study that includes manicures, pedicures, hair removal using various types of waxing or state-of-the-art laser hair removal equipment.

Students must also learn the latest hair styles for men, women and children and a variety of manicure and pedicure treatments. They study the use of cosmetics for improving the condition of hair and scalp and also cosmetics for skin tone and texture.

Salon care is a must to look and feel great and to project a well-appointed appearance for business and social gatherings. There is a unique trust and confidence that builds up between professional salon employees and customers.

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