Tips for Using Costumes in Your Bedroom

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Tips for Using Costumes in Your Bedroom

It is exhilarating to know that your partner wants to be a part of the bedroom fun just as much as you do. And you have already struck gold in finding such a partner! But how do you take it forward? How does the fantasy that you have turn into reality? One word – costumes!

Role Play Costumes can help you convert everything in your dreams to an absolute reality. Whether it is the excitement of seeing your partner in a costume or acting a bit of your fantasy out, it just works! There are many stores that offer adult costumes. Online lingerie stores are more popular of course because of they offer privacy and a varied browsing experience to the users. But how do you get the right costumes? What kind of quality should you be looking for? What do you need to know when acting a fantasy out? Read the answers ahead.

Getting the right costumes

This requires some dirty talk. Yes, you read it right. Before getting onto the adult costume and fantasy world with your partner, let them talk it out to you. Ask them intricate questions to show your commitment and understand what level of detailing you need. Talk your fantasies out too. It is so much more meaningful and inviting when you buy costumes to fulfill both your fantasies!

Narrow down the ideas and search for the right costumes together. A surprise costume is Justas much fun too but the anticipation of shopping online and waiting for the costumes takes the whole thing one level up.

A good suggestion is for both of you to buy the costumes for each other. It is a bold step where you may not be aware of the comfort level until D day, but works because you would both be taking the risk of not knowing. Ever heard of high risks, high return? This is just that! Of course make sure that size is right, but you’d have a good estimate of that to begin with anyway.

Quality of the costume

Understand that this costumes is meant to be used for fun but cannot be a use and throw either. You may use each costume that you buy multiple times. Couples usually like to store the costumes after they’ve been used adequately. Imagine knowing that if your sex life starts getting boring, you have something right in your closet to make it all better and sizzling again. So don’t go the cheap way. Think of it as an investment, for a healthy and sweltering sex life.

What to do when playing the fantasy part?

When your partner acts your fantasy out, you should definitely start with appreciation, make your happiness (read: pleasure) clear. Give adequate information so that the (erm) event, goes per plan. Help them get more direction.

You’ve adorned the costume so now what? When acting your partner’s fantasy out, you already know that there are a lot of expectations of you. Make sure that the costume is well used in the act. If it has layers then even better. Always stick to the theme that your partner had in mind, even if you are bold enough to make some personalization. Make the time worth the while for yourself and your partner!

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