Want To Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment? Here’s How You Can Start

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Want To Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment? Here’s How You Can Start

Shopping cart abandonment is a significant problem for ecommerce businesses. Of course, you want to make sure that the people who visit your shop buy as much as possible. You don’t want them skipping out after they’ve placed items in their cart. But there are good reasons why people abandon their shopping cart. Most of them have to do with the user feeling like they will have to do too much work to complete the purchase. That extra work can come in the form of registration or by having to find a new way to make a payment. You want to ensure that your shopping cart system is as seamless as possible so that your users find it easy to check out and buy their items.


Allow Customers to Make Purchases as a Guest

This one is key. Instead of having users register to make a purchase, allow them to buy their goods as a guest. This reduces the amount of people who leave their shopping cart unattended because registration is cumbersome and often takes multiple screens for email confirmation. Make the process easier by simply allowing guest checkouts.

Don’t Add Extra Taxes at Checkout

People want to feel like the price they see is the price they get. Nobody likes to be surprised when they checkout. So don’t add extra fees or taxes on the checkout screen. Instead, make sure that any fees and taxes are included on the product page so that your potential buyer knows exactly how much they are paying. A surprise at the checkout page can quickly lead to shopping cart abandonment.

Offer Several Payment Options

eMerchantBroker.com offers High Risk Merchant Accounts to companies that work with high risk clients or in difficult industries. eMerchantBroker also makes it easier to offer multiple payment types to your customers. When customers can’t find their preferred method of payment, they often leave. Finding out how to make payment outside of the traditional debit or credit cards can be especially difficult for customers. Simplify the process and let your customers use their preferred method of payment.

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