What To Consider When Shopping For Fitness Clothing

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What To Consider When Shopping For Fitness Clothing

The recently coined phrase ‘athleisure’ may conjure images of young mummy’s sporting leopard print leggings and fluorescent trainers, but there is absolutely no question that fitness clothing has recently taken a life of its own.

Whether it’s being worn for convenience or as a statement, check out this quick guide on what to wear at the gym both during and after…

These days our fast paced lives mean that time is precious, so knowing what to wear in the gym can be an effortsome task that you’d rather not dwell on.

Picking your clothing for the gym is as much about substance as it is style, so let’s show you how to look good while you work out.

Gym Tops

A loose fit t-shirt that allows enough room for movement while being snug enough to give an air of tailored slickness is the best place to start. While cotton is great for the warmer months, a synthetic, long sleeved t-shirt may be better during winter.

It’s also strong and resistant to shrinkage so will help keep you warm enough without leaving you sticky and constrained during your workout.

Gym Joggers

The classic gym jogger springs to mind when you think of activewear. Whether you’re hugely fashion conscious or not, a no-fuss approach is always best when selecting a gym jogger. Whether you prefer black fitted shorts, cotton fleece sweats or an professional tracksuit – they all wok.

The only consideration you need to make is how comfy they are, the conditions you’ll be working out in and what kind of workout you’ll be doing. Fleece sweatpants aren’t best for a busy after work cardio session for example.

Gym Trainers

There’s a lot to be said for comfort in footwear for your workout, as most of the effort required is heavily dependent on your feet first.

A solid pair of trainers is definitely worth the investment – it’s not worth buying the cheaper alternatives out there, because in time, they will only let you down by wearing through. The old saying, buy cheap and you buy twice springs to mind!

All set – go work out! Remember that while you want to wear the best clothes to the gym, you also need to look and feel good while you’re there. Evidence points to the fact that people are more likely to work out harder and for longer if they’re wearing activewear that they look and feel good in. So try and find styles that tick both boxes!

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