When Was The Last Time You Saved On Your Shopping

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When Was The Last Time You Saved On Your Shopping

Finding Exceptional Deals For Gently Used Clothing And Specialty Items Online

Savvy clothing shoppers are always looking for a bargain and many are willing to go a great distance to get a good enough deal. To save money and enjoy a little extravagance while shopping, people have been known to travel quite a few miles and travel to more obscure locations just to get an amazing deal. While many retail stores have great sales from time to time on their everyday clothing or fashion wear, this is not true of all types of store brands or types of clothing.

One of the areas where it can be difficult to find sales on great clothing and accessories is from high quality consignment stores that sell slightly used clothing and fashion wear that is in great condition from designer and top brand clothiers. However, for those shoppers who love to shop consignment and do their homework, the bargains can be great!

How To Find A Great Consignment Bargain Deal

While shoppers of high priced and designer fashions and top grade regular retail clothiers often have multiple venues for shopping, getting these same types of clothing items at high quality consignment shops is not as easy. In addition to having a difficulty finding good stores for gently used fashion or designer clothing and accessories, gaining access to their locations near where most people live can be even more difficult. But on a good note, shopping has changed over the last decade in all aspects including how and where people shop.

One of the main reasons so much has changed is that shopping now is available for consumers on the internet. Today, more than ever, consumers have access to shopping for many different types of things online that they used to travel great distances to find. While people were once limited to shopping regionally, people today can shop far away from the bustle of retail outlets in countries near and far without having to try to locate a quality consignment shop nearby.

The fact is, internet shopping has increased substantially across the globe in the last decade. The internet has also greatly increased the access, options and flexibility for people of all ages who like to shop for high quality fashion and designer fashions from a consignment shop no matter where the shop is located, this includes consignment and slightly used apparel stores.

While some people like to support local and regional business only, the trend for global shopping choices has expanded so that it is not uncommon to find savvy shoppers seeking items across the globe to find the special bargain items they’re looking for at a great price. Because of the global reach of the internet more and more people have found that shopping online affords them the convenience of shopping at home.

In addition, online shopping gives consumers the certainty of knowing that they can find what they’re looking for even more readily than driving around to several local or regional stores to find a item. In fact, according to Mintel, a leading Market Intelligence firm, 70% of shoppers look for some of their shopping needs online.

New Versus Slightly Used Clothing Outlets

Certainly, shopping at known retailers has always been a popular choice for consumers. But with the increase of internet access, shoppers can now gain access to items that can include older fashion wear items they cannot locate anymore at retailers. Also, consignment shops often offer trend setting and specialty items that they could not gain access to without the internet’s far reaching global abilities. This in part is why there has been an increase in the trend to buy consignment and slightly used apparel via the internet as well as the reason for the increase in online regular retail store shopping.

Over the last few decades, consignment and thrift shopping has become a multi-billion dollar industry. By contrast to regular retailers, it often a less competitive market because consumers are often looking to find a special item they can’t find anywhere else. In fact, according to retail statistics the slightly used fashion wear and attire industry averages over 15 billion dollars a year. On average of 30-35% people shop at thrifts stores and consignment shops annually. To keep this statistic in perspective with overall shopping trends: 11.4% of people shop in factory outlets, 19.6% of people shop in apparel retail stores and another 23% of people shop at major retail department stores. These statistics show just how much of the clothing pie that consignment and used fashion wear thrift stores get for their efforts.

What To Look For In An Online Consignment Retailer

While consignment and thrift shopping has increased substantially since the 90’s, up until the last decade, finding the type of online outlet that offers quality previously owned items that has a good reputation has not always been easy. In part the problem can be ensuring that the items bought from a consignment shop are of good quality and condition. Because of this, many consumers have found when seeking online consignment retailers, they are spending extensive online time to verify the site is high quality and trustworthy before they even started shopping. This can be very time consuming and can leave consumers feeling as if they have wasted much of their time searching from one online venue to another.

The good news is that now there are quality consignment shopping venues online that bring consumers a vast variety of slightly used-previously owned fashion designer wear for shoppers to browse through that feature very successful platforms.

As a savvy shopper, it is important to seek out quality online consignment outlets that have a good track record for the most successful bargain shopping. The retailer should have good return policies and a wide variety of items for sale in addition to their quality gently used clothing items. This can prove to be important because consignment stores that are diverse enough to offer gently used toys, games, stuffed animals, dolls and sporting goods in addition to clothing show a good indication that the site is a consistent good retail source and one that consumers seek for a variety of items. It is also helpful to check if the consignment retailer has been reviewed by consumer agencies and news outlets as this can solidify the success of the company and its attention to consumer satisfaction.

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