Your Clothing decides your Personality

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Your Clothing decides your Personality

The significance of your clothes can be easily understood by media industry in which the professional actors wear such clothes just to make the viewer’s feel that they are real characters. Whether the piece of cloth isn’t branded but if it goes with the character it gives an edge that connects the viewers. It is quite amazing how the rights selection of clothes bring out the performance to a whole new level.

It is strange but it is the fact that your clothes define what you want to communicate to the other person, either intentionally or unintentionally. There are a number of markets and bulk wholesale clothing distributors who designs a number of styles that has a complete language of its own. People prefer to buy from these renowned brands to make themselves presentable by considering little details about choosing your clothes.


When you dress as bride or groom you dress differently from the dress you wear at your working place. This change in dress code defines the nature of event you are going to attend. Similarly, whatever you wear reflects where or what you are going to do. Like if you remember Barack Obama addressing to Americans with sleeves rolled up makes a sense to audience that he might be a hard worker. If you wear a tie in the office, it portrays you more reliable and rooted and is an important factor for an investment firm where clients are more into finding a reliable person.

Your thinking is what you wear

Research shows that your clothes are a sign of how confident and self-empowered you are. It reflects your thinking and allows the other person to create a perception of your personality. The formality of your clothes not only builds a perception of your personality in front of other people, but it creates a perception of your personality to you as well.


Thin-slicing is process in which our mind make a perception about a person in milliseconds which is most likely to be through their attires. It is the first impression that makes you believe to trust someone and it becomes more important when it is concerned with a business so that it helps the decision maker to make the right decision. This feeling at a glance is simply called intuition which totally depends on what you see and this is how we perceive everyone in our daily lives.

So, this is very important for everyone to take care of what they put on, and this doesn’t only mean the clothes but the accessories with it like hair style, fragrance, posture or the level of energy you have.

Dress up according to the perception you want to communicate with other people. Do, research about the dress codes that are reasonable according to the occasion you are focusing on.

One last thing to remember, never leave a single moment. As every new person will remember your first look lifetime. Best of luck!

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